Can I release equity on a listed property I own?

Yes. In most cases, you can do this. By choosing a lifetime mortgage, you can release the equity in your property, even if it is listed. We have offered expert help and advice to hundreds of our clients regarding listed properties. For each client, we consider the grade of the listing and the use of the property, so when you get in touch, be sure to provide as much information as possible to our team of experts.

We work with exceptional lenders who can work with Grade 2 properties, but Grade 1 is less likely in the UK equity release market. For our clients in Scotland, we have offered experienced advice on category B and C properties, but unfortunately category A properties are more difficult in terms of our equity release plans.

The valuer will make an estimation based on the condition and desirability of your property, and from this the lender will make a decision on whether to offer a lifetime mortgage on your listed property.

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Not in most cases, but if you are using the property as a meeting venue, wedding venue or as a guest house, they may refuse to lend.

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