The progressive rates of stamp duty was introduced in 2014, this especially hit property worth over £1.5 million.

Being equity release specialist consultants for these high value properties, we are assisting a number of property owners in releasing some of their current property’s value through an equity release scheme.


Being 55 years of age, you and your partner, if married, must intend to remain in your UK based home for more than 6 months a year, equity release schemes can facilitate you to release some of its value tax-free, to potentially.

  • Purchase a country or abroad retreat.
  • Maintain or improve your current property. It could be allowing you to build or amend an existing tennis court or pool.
  • Buy an additional property for making extra income
  • Paying grandchildren’s academic fee or even gap year travels.
  • You can enjoy an exotic vacation or even cruises. Additionally, you can also expect the scheme to pay for your private care in your own home.
  • Pass the money on to your children potentially avoiding Inheritance Tax.

Whilst moving and downsizing could be a less expensive choice in long run, in the same way as other different desirable property owners, you may want to hold your property, however, you may like the idea of releasing some of its value in a tax-efficient way.

To meet this increasing demand we have set up a specialist department through which we can offer you a more individual and discrete service, including:-

  • A committed and experienced official property specialist.
  • Personal visit (no matter where you live in England or Wales) to better understand your property and circumstances.

Please contact us today to find out more.