Home Reversion Plans Nationwide is a method of equity release, where you can sell all (or just a percentage) of your property’s legal possession for a discounted single amount. With these plans, you will retain the right to stay in the home till death.

Providers of Home Reversion Plans to discount the sum that they give you, as they are not expecting interest (as is the case in a lifetime mortgage). The amount that you receive is based on your property, your age, and your life expectancy.

In the case of a Home Reversion Plan, when you receive a lump sum, you also give up any future development in the value of any property share sold.

Full or Partial Home Reversions Plan in UK Nationwide

As the name implies, under this scheme, you can choose whether you want to sell the legal ownership of all of your home (this is a case of full home reversion plan), or just a part of it (as in case of partial home reversion plan). Should you opt for the latter, you will be able to sell further part(s) in the future.

So Why Consider A Best Home Reversion Plan UK Nationwide?

A full home reversion plan could mean more money than a lifetime mortgage. In the event that you sell a share of your home at first, the rest of the offer and any development in this shared value will be yours or your recipients’. This means you will be surely leaving something for your beneficiaries.

This, as well as any share held by you, can be sold at any later date for a further lump sum. As you will be older by this time, you are likely to get a higher amount. Hence, you can manage and control the amount you receive.

Additionally, the “discount” does not act as deliberate deprivation in assets in any Local Authority Means Test that you may have in the event that you ever need care

Home Reversion Plan Across North London, Middlesex and Other Areas


There is a difference between Home reversion plans and lifetime mortgages. In Home reversion plans, you are actually offering your consent to sell, all or a said percentage (25% to 100%) of your property’s legal ownership for a discounted lump sum and a lawful right to live in your home till death – rent free (should you want to pay some rent now and receive money in return, there are schemes available).

The Home Reversion supplier makes his profit not only from giving you a lower total than the property is worth, but also through trusting that the estimation of the share they have bought will keep on rising. To them, they make more, when they sell your home once you die or you move into care.


  • No month to month repayments or roll up interest. Rather you get a discounted amount of cash, according to the provider’s view of your life expectancy.
  • Hold the lawful right to stay in the property till death – rent free (except if you opt for paying some rent to get a larger sum of cash) and will at present keep on profiting from the future development in the estimation of any share of your property that you might be holding.
  • In the event that you sell just a percentage of your home at the beginning, any left share offers an ensured legacy to your recipients. For example, in case you sell 25% of your home, at that point you and your estate hold 75%.
  • Doesn’t make a difference if the value of your house falls, any percentage of the home you held will remain the same. However, you can expect a decline in value.
  • In case you live longer and house prices fall, the Home Reversions can work out less expensive than Roll Up Lifetime Mortgages.
  • Any loss (discount) endured by just accepting a diminished value for the share sold, goes about as a quick, authentic decrease in estate value for both Long Term Care Means Testing and Inheritance Tax purposes.


  • The choice of providers is very limited; hence you cannot expect varied rates.
  • The scheme is only available to property owners over age 60
  • You tend to lose the ownership of the part of your house you sell. Eventually, you will be entitled to enjoy the benefit from any increase in the value of the part of the house you retain.
  • The scheme is non-reversible. In technical terms, your right to buy back any ownership sold is purely at the discretion of the company. You may be asked to pay the full market value and not just the amount you were given if the company decides to offer you a buyback.
  • The scheme comes with no ability to switch providers i.e. you have to stick with a provider. In other words, if you have made a sale (share of your property) to a said provider, then for any future sale, you have to deal with the same provider.
  • Under the scheme, repairs and property insurance remain your responsibilities.
  • You don’t have much time for your relatives to vacate the property on death. In most cases, it is not more than 2 months.
  • As you do not receive the full value for any share sold, the home reversion plans are very expensive, although you can expect to have some early vacancy refund, in case you die or vacate the property within the first 5 years.
  • The scheme is slow and rigid. Every further share or part of your property that you decide to sell, will be treated as a separate legal transfer on the basis of new valuation, financial advice. Thus, the process is time-consuming and can take up to 3 months before you get to have any new money.

If you want your children to receive a fair share of your home, and at the same time, you want to have some funds for yourself now, partial home reversion plan is likely your best option.

If you are single and want to enjoy your retirement, but at the same time, you do not want to give up on your equity because you want to make sure that you have enough for your future care, selling a part of your property can be of great assistance.

If you have no dependents or beneficiaries and wants to enjoy the maximum amount of benefit that you can have from your property, you can do so by opting for a full Home Reversion Plan minimum age under 55.

Home Reversion Plans UK Nationwide

What is a Home Reversion Equity Release Plan in UK?

The home reversion plan is one of the major types of equity release that allows you to sell a part or the entire home in return for the money that you could use in your retirement. You are still allowed to live in the home until you die, rent-free. The money can be withdrawn as a lump sum amount or at regular intervals based on your requirements. In order to be eligible for the home reversion plan minimum age under 55 in the UK, you must be at least 60 years old and a qualifying homeowner.

How Does a Home Reversion Plan Works?

  • If you own a home and you are aged 60, you are eligible to unlock a sum of money by selling your home or a part of it for a more stress-free retirement.
  • Along with cash, which you can receive as a lump sum or income, you are also allowed to stay in your residence until you pass away or move into permanent care.
  • After you die or move into care, Equity Release 4 You’re as the home reversion plan provider will acquire your share from the sale of your residence.

Advantages of Best Home Reversion Plan Nationwide

Leave a share for descendants – Home reversion plans in the UK allow you to exclude the part of the property for your family in inheritance.

No monthly repayments – Since we will acquire your home after your death, there is no monthly repayment to be made.

Receive a tax-free sum – The amount of money you get is all yours to spend on the things you like and the way you want.

Stay rent-free for as long as you live – Although you sell your property, but you will have a lawful right to stay in your residence until you die.

No impact of falling prices – If the house prices fall in the future, it will not affect the portion of the property that you have already sold.

Important Considerations While Choosing Home Reversion Plan

When you consider a home reversion plan under 55, it is important to consider several other things that are entangled with it.

Lesser amount than market value – The price of the property you receive will be lesser than the market value since you are also provided with the right to stay in your home until you pass away, rent-free.

Fluctuations in home prices – If the value of your property goes up by the time it is sold, you will benefit from the increment only from the remaining part of your residence.

Early sale – If you die or shift to long-term care after taking a home reversion plan, you may lose out.

How Much Money Can You Release in Home Reversion Plan under 55? The amount of money that you can release totally depends on the value of your property and your age. In that case, we suggest that you use home reversion plan calculator or contact one of our executives to get an estimate of how much you can unlock. Usually, we provide about 25% of your property’s market value for up to 60%.

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