Selecting an equity release advisor is one of the most important decisions that individuals over 55 might have to make. We know that making financial decisions can be daunting especially when it involves your property. At various points in your financial journey, you may need a second opinion, comprehensive planning, and explanation on which equity release scheme suits your needs best. Regardless, we always make sure that our services fit your needs, not the other way around.

If your criteria for choosing an advisor include the highest levels of expertise, independence and integrity, we invite you to learn more about us.

Whether you are looking to obtain funding to pay for care, to support family members or to simply enjoy your retirement, there are many choices available. You may take a final decision according to your own research, after discussing with your family, and seeking the help of an independent equity release advisory near me service such as Equity Release 4 You. It’s our job to understand the complexities of your situation and our advice is designed and tailored with your personalised goals in mind.

We are an independent company, and our focus is your best interest. This means you will always receive impartial advice from our experts to help you decide, on your own time. You can choose to discuss your options with one of our equity release advisers near me. We are available over the phone or face-to-face so that we can get to know your needs and provide you with a dedicated service. We offer our equity release advice fees provide to customers based in London and surrounding areas.

Equity Release Advice in London, Middlesex, UK

If you are thinking to get an equity release from your property, you should seek financial advice near me from an equity expert, such as Equity Release 4 You. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and governed by the Equity Release Council. All our advisers have passed special certification that qualifies them to provide equity release advice money saving expert. So, if the equity release suits your situation, we will suggest the best possible plan that gives you maximum benefits.

Equity release near me is a major of two types: home reversion plan and lifetime mortgage. By using any equity release option, a UK homeowner can withdraw a lump sum of money or smaller sums at regular intervals against the property they own, whilst staying in their home. Equity release in London plays an important role in funding and safeguarding your retirement. Every year thousands of homeowners turn to equity release to raise funds for their retirement without having to worry about monthly repayments.

Why Should You Come to Us for Equity Release Advice UK, London, Meddlesex?

For people who are 55 years old or above, equity release could be a good way to protect their retirement, fulfil their desires, repay debts or leave the inheritance for their family. At Equity Release 4 You, we believe that using equity release could be a critical financial decision and you may not know which equity release advice money saving expert is the right. That is why our experienced advisers are available to provide you with equity release advice without any pressure. Our advisers will make you understand all the benefits as well as potential issues that may arise while taking out equity release. If we think equity release is not the right choice for you, we will say no. You can rest assured that we will offer only impartial advice fees and we will not force you to make any decisions that are not beneficial for you and your family.

How Equity Release 4 You Offers Protection?

Equity release is key regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – a leading financial services regulator in the UK. This means Equity Release 4 You are authorised from FCA to offer financial advice.  Being regulated by FCA means you are adequately protected by FCA. Furthermore, we follow a strict Code of Conduct issued by the Equity Release Council (ERC) that is designed to keep you safe in financial matters.

Equity release is a key advised financial service. Meaning, you cannot use a plan without taking appropriate financial advice key from certified equity experts. Equity Release 4 You have professional financial advisers who have taken special qualification in order to offer equity release key advice.

Are There Any Downfalls of Taking Out Equity Release?

There are no potential downfalls or dangers of taking out equity release, but it does pose some financial risks if not executed correctly. Similar to other types of mortgage, both the amount you borrow and the accruing interest should be paid back at some point in the future. If you are planning to take equity release, we would suggest that you speak to one of our advisers or use equity release calculator to determine the potential value of your home, the money you can release and the interest you are required to pay.

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