Equity Release 4 You covers the whole UK and offer specialist independent advice on Equity Release Nationwide Schemes for people aged 55 years and over. Based in Enfield Middlesex, we work across North London and the surrounding areas with our clients but can offer plans to release equity across the whole of the UK. By carefully analysing your current individual situation and considering all possible alternatives, we can then make recommendations for an equity release key plan that is right for your individual specific requirements.

Exactly what are Nationwide Equity Release Plans UK?

Equity release key plans allow you to release tax-free cash from your equity release from house and on the property as a lump sum, as regular income or a combination of both to boost your finances in retirement. The two main types of plan available are lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans. You can normally apply for an equity release interest rates loan aged under 55 years old and above, along with many pensioners benefiting from the process. If you’re in the Enfield Middlesex, North London area or Nationwide, you can pop into our office to chat with one of our expert advisers, or pick up the phone and contact us on 0800 110 5898. 

Those who are most likely to benefit from a nationwide Equity Release key plan are those aged 55 years old and over, do not want to move,  but have equity in their homes. Usually, the older you are, the more you are likely to be able to borrow, and our experts are here to help you navigate this. Some schemes give you a maximum borrowing limit and offer a drawdown facility. Through this, you can initially borrow less, and draw further amounts up to the maximum limit without having to reapply to the lender. Through these schemes, you also don’t have to pay additional equity release fees, or get a new equity release on property valuation, as you can draw out up to the maximum limit as standard.

Due to low-interest rates on savings and changes to many company pension schemes, equity release schemes are quickly growing in popularity for people ages 55 years old and over. However, many people are confused and are not sure if it is right for them. You may find our questions and answers page useful in covering some of your initial questions.

Our independent nationwide equity release advisers in Middlesex and North London can help with all aspects of the process to ensure you make the right decision.

It is important to seek the best independent UK equity release advice which is tailored to your individual circumstances to avoid any potential pitfalls. Our main priority is always to establish whether it is right for you. We will search the whole equity release key market on your behalf and guide you through the various types of schemes available to find a plan that best suits your needs. Our experienced advisers will guide you through the whole process, as it is important that you take the time to come to the right decision once you fully understand all implications.

“Equity Release 4 You” are members of the Equity Release Council.
The Equity Release Council is the UK industry body for the equity release sector. Born from an expansion of the remit of SHIP (formerly Safe Home Income Plans) the Equity Release Council represents the providers who work in the equity release sector.

One of the major focuses of the work of the Equity Release Council is ensuring that equity release rates products are accessible to customers and safe. All members of the council are signed up to a code of conduct, which ensures that there are a number of guarantees and safeguards in place to protect the consumer. This means that our customers in the UK have peace of mind that the products they use and the information that they receive are safe and regulated.

As members, we are committed to using providers who sign up to the Code of Conduct, ensuring that you receive the same safeguards and guarantees. We also have advisers experienced in Equity Release Mortgages for over 10 years and have strong links with local solicitors in Middlesex, North London and further across the UK who recommend clients to us on a regular basis.

Are you aged over 55 and struggling for cash, while you still own your home? Worry no more. Equity release providers you with an easy finance solution using nationwide equity release best deals. Based in the UK, London, Middlesex. We are on of the leading broker for equity release if 55 and over. Backed with an experience of over a decade, we individually analyse all the customers needs and recommend the most suitable equity release scheme based on their requirements.

What is Equity Release UK?

Equity release London generally refers to a range of products that allow you to obtain equity (cash) attached to your home if you are above 55 years. It is a simple way to get a lump sum of cash or in several amounts, or as the combination of both against the value of your property you own without having to pay monthly repayments. The two major equity release types of plans available are lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans.

Lifetime Mortgages – You can use the equity release on property provided that you own the residence, while still allowing you to retain the ownership. It also allows you to exclude some of the value of your home for your descendants. You can either opt to repay or let the interest roll-up. This loan amount and the accumulated interest need to be repaid after you die or when you shift to long-term care.

Home Reversion – Home reversion equity plan allows you to sell a part or all of your residence in return for regular payments or a lump sum of cash. However, you still own the right to live in your house until you die, rent-free, but you need to acknowledge to maintain and insure it. You can also exclude some of its parts for inheritance. The percentage of the property you retain remains the same even if there are changes in the house property value.

The major difference between the lifetime mortgage and home reversion equity release lies in the homeownership and the interest payable. In lifetime mortgage, you have full ownership of your home, while in-home reversion you sell a part or all of it. The compound interest in lifetime mortgage rises over the years, which increases the repayable amount when the property is sold. However, home reversion plan doesn’t require you to pay interest as the provider calculates the interest in the price they pay when you sell your property. You are still allowed to live in your residence rent-free.

Within these two major categories, there are several options available. It is important that you analyse your present and future needs and match them with the right equity release plan. Only a certified equity adviser, like we can help you find the right plan. We will also help you understand how taking lifetime mortgage or a home reversion plan may impact your tax position and your control over moving or selling your residence. When you choose us as your equity release nationwide adviser, we will inform you about all the risks associated with equity release mortgages UK.

How Does Equity Release Work?

While using equity release London, it is necessary to do it in the right way because if you get it wrong, it can turn out very expensive. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how equity release works. For you to be eligible for equity release mortgages UK, you need to be a UK homeowner of a qualifying residence and equity release for over 55 years old.

Based on the type of plan you choose, you can receive the money as a lump sum or in small instalments. However, it is totally up to you how you want to spend it. The cash you receive needs to be used for paying any outstanding mortgages first. The rest of the money is all yours and you can spend on helping your family or doing home improvements. Simply put, it is a tax-free sum that you can spend the way you like.

Once you receive your money, it is not necessary to make monthly repayments, but if you would like to pay off the interest, we also offer this option.

How Long Does it Take for Equity Release UK?

The equity release in the UK generally takes around 8 to 12 weeks. But, when you choose an equity release specialist like we can help you process your application smoothly so the funds are available in your bank account as soon as possible. We advise you to keep this duration in mind while applying for equity release if you are planning to make any big purchases.

How Much Does Equity Release Cost?

The typical rate of interest for a lifetime mortgage and home reversion equity release varies between 3% and 5%. The equity release mortgage rates are fairly cheaper than used to be years ago. When you choose not to pay the monthly interest, the amount that needs to be repaid will mount over the course of time.

Is Equity Release 4 You Regulated?

Being one of the well-established equity release best rates providers in the London, Middlesex, UK, We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We abide by the rules and regulations from Equity Release Council, including a ‘no negative equity guarantee’, which means you will never have to repay more money than the value of your house property. Our products offer complete assurance that we follow the industry’s standard code of practice.

Is Equity Release the Right Finance Choice for You?

If you have all money invested in your home, and looking for a way to generate funds for a stress-free retirement, then equity release is for you. Whether your retirement is impending or you want to maintain your healthy lifestyle, equity release rates of interest is a great way to give a boost to your finances. However, you need to meet two types of important criteria:

  • You should be 55 years old or over
  • You should be the owner of qualifying home in the UK

If you don’t have any spare cash or investments that will cope with your spending and lifestyle requirements in the future, the equity release is perhaps the right choice for you.

Please contact us today to find out more.